5 million users grow their business with Odoo

Odoo is a fully integrated suite of business applications including Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Financial management, Human Resources, Point Of Sale, Purchasing, Events, Help Desk, eCommerce and more…  Odoo  offers a choice of over a thousand modules , but it has a unique modular approach which will allow users to start one application and add another later as per the requirement.

Odoo is the most suited ERP for small –medium- large enterprises and is the most used open source solution in the world.

With the large collection of business-related applications , Odoo  satisfies more than 5 million users in the world and it has partners in all the countries.  The users or large Odoo community in the world will never miss a technology update because Odoo is platform which modifies itself with the technology updates. The main advantages of using Odoo is that you will get the complete access to design and develop your own software that can perform as a perfect solution for the growth of your business

An App for every need of your business.

From lead to sales, there will be hundreds of processes to be done by your team members without fail. To manage leads, your team will be required to handle many phone calls regularly.  Many emails to be prepared and meetings should be scheduled or conducted. If a single task is not done, you will be far away from converting that lead to the sale.  A single software is required to handle all those activities which automates many things, reduces cost, generates maximum output from your team members by arranging their scheduling , creates smile on faces of your team as they have not failed on any tasks . Also the head / management of the company or department managers should be able analyze the performances of all the members with just a few simple clicks. Odoo offers customer centric CRM to track all the leads and opportunites  and get accurate forecasts. As Odoo is cloud based, the users will be able to access it even from their home, with any devices such as their smart phone . With no effort, with Odoo, you will be to manage your sales funnel and will be informed always to take necessary decisions on time

Odoo CRM

Odoo offers project management to organize processes of the projects effectively.

Projects team, stages, tasks, sub tasks can be created and controlled by optimizing the works on each projects in a simple and professional way.  A neat and efficient overview of all the projects in a dashboard will provide the current status of the project and various analyses.  Tasks and sub tasks can be managed so that every important step on a project will not be left unattended.  Activities can be scheduled and it will be populated for the users as the reminder.  Every works on a single project can be recorded effectively so that the manager or supervisor can track the time spent by the team members on the projects.   In Odoo Project management module, it is possible to allocate necessary time for specific tasks and analysis reports can be generated.

Odoo Projects Management

Odoo Accounting & Finance

Odoo Accounting automates your business with efficient and complete accounting system.   Odoo accounting supports more than 50 countries and the Odoo core accounting implements accounting standards that are common to all countries.  By applying specific modules per country based on specifications such as Chart Of Accounts, Taxes and bank interfaces, Odoo Accounting plays an important role in your business.

In Odoo, it is possible to create automatically all the behind-the scenes journal entries for each of your accounting transactions and with the double entry bookkeeping system journal entries will get balanced automatically.

In Odoo, it is easy to manage several companies within the same database  and each company can have its own Chart Of Accounts and Rules.

Odoo Manufacturing

As the Enterprise Resrouce Planning software for production , Odoo manages the entire the complete range of production and manufacturing processes in best and innovative way . With the business analysis and forecasting, Odoo makes the business owners capable to take the best decisions in order to run it smoothly. Odoo allows users to manage all manufacturing orders by scheduling them, automating work orders, reviewing planning, controlling products life cycle management, managing engineering changes, automating preventive maintenance, assuring quality management etc.  The manufacturing department can activate quality alerts directly from workcenter control panel.  To improve the efficiency of all the team members of the manufacturing processes Odoo has unique features to assure and control it.

With the advanced analytics tools, Odoo helps to detect bottlenecks in resources capacities and inventory shortages  , and those information can be shared to the mangers or the persons who controls the operations.

Odoo Point Of Sale

Do you run retail outlets or coffee shops or restaurants?   Do you like to have a perfect ERP for managing all your outlets centrally?  Do you want a system which allows you continue billing even if the server connection is lost? Odoo Point Of Sale is the best solution for your requirements.  Odoo Point Of Sale is fully integrated with Inventory and Accounting App.  So when a transaction is made using Odoo Point Of Sale, it will be converted as an entry in inventory and accounting.  The beautiful and easy to use interface of Odoo Point Of Sale allows any user to run business without any effort. Also Odoo Point Of Sale can be accessed even using smart phones or laptops.

The unique and advanced features of Odoo Point Of Sale allows you to keep in touch with your customers.   The features which are required to run a multi branches retail outlets are inbuilt with Odoo Point Of Sale

Odoo Warehouse Management

Odoo Warehousing enables users all basic operations that take place in a warehouse. These operations include managing incoming shipments, preparing inventory counts, barcode-based packing and scrap management, trace the inventory , advanced reporting etc.

The module will help to automate transactions and control stock level based on the requirements. By decreasing the stock processing times, Odoo benefits as the complete solution for managing your warehouses.

The double entry system of Odoo Warehousing has no input or output , but it considers all inventory transactions as stock movements from a location to another. Odoo offers fully automated replenishment and helps to have a full control on supply chain system.

Odoo HR Management

Human Resource Management is more complex and involved today that it ever has been.  HR management is not just collecting the formation of employee, but it starts everything from recruiting and ends with the process of ensuring the efficiency of them.  To manage the HR manually is a huge task , which mostly can not be done effectively. For a company , which more than 10 employee, it is must to have a perfect ERP to manage them.

In Odoo, it is possible to manage and access all your sensitive Employee data from any where in the world.  Odoo ‘s simplified system offers facilities such as recruitment processes, documents management, tracking the attendance, leave management, timesheet entries, appraisals, expenses , allocations, performance reviews and many more…

Odoo Help Desk Portal

Your customers may face regarding some issues they face and they want to get your support immediately. You are ready to provide support for them, but you always fail due to the lack of proper system to manage their calls.  Odoo Help Desk is ultimate solution for your failures!

Odoo Help Desk helps you to provide awesome service for your customers with its unique and advanced features  such as Support Team assignment, Assigning tickets  to the corresponding team, online creation of tickets by customers, tickets by live chat, Help Center Forum, eLearning platforms for empowering your customers, Tracking and analyzing the tickets and performance of your team members etc..

Your customers will be happier than ever because they will find easiness in Odoo Help Desk to create a ticket with website form or by email and their queries will never be un attended anymore.

Odoo Website & eCommerce

Websites or eCommerce websites can be created , without technical knowledge or coding.  It is surprisingly easy to create websites using Odoo.   By just clicking, any content can be changed wherever you need.  Odoo provides an efficient tool to attain branding needs.  It can be created and updated the contents  through an editor and the whole page can be created by just drag and drop methods.

The features can be added such as jobs , ecommerce, events, blogs, news letter etc.

For inviting multiplied audience into your business,  multiple websites can be built and each website can work in an independent way.  Odoo’s SEO tool integrates with Google and more visitors to your websites can be attracted. When there is a visit in your web page, you will get notified in Odoo CRM and your marketing campaign will be much easier for you than before.