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27 Jan
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Odoo development services | How to convert all your email messages as leads in Odoo CRM ?

Email is still one of the most effective sources to generate qualified leads. This is actually common situation that you receive leads to your registered email ID from a web contact form or a third party lead providers. If someone shows interests for your products or service, the information with the customer data will forward to your email.

Imagine, from a third party lead provider you receive more than 100 leads per day. How many hours your sales team should spend to enter all those leads in your CRM ?

In Odoo,  it is possible to convert all those email messages as new leads in Odoo CRM. It helps you to save your time of manual entry in CRM .Also this facility ensures that you will not miss any leads.

Odoo CRM Email to Lead

How to Configure it in Odoo 13 ?

  1. Initially, you should activate the developer mode, in Settings
Odoo CRM Email to Lead P 1

2. Need to configure incoming mail server details

Settings – > Technical ->Incoming Mail Servers – > Create

Odoo CRM Email to Lead P 2

3. Configure incoming mail server details as below

  • Give name for identifying your mail server settings
  • Server type be ‘POP Server’
  • Type incoming server details.
  • If it’s a gmail ID, it will be  like pop.   You can get the incoming server details from your email hosting providers.  Enter those details
  • If the server requires encrypted connection, need to select SSL/TLS.
  • If its SSL/TLS, then port number will be 995. Else it will be 110
  • Enter your email ID and password
  • Now you need to define, what action should be done while receiving an email From Drop Down menu of Create a New Record, you need to select ‘Lead /Opportunity’ as below
Odoo CRM Email to Lead P 4

Checking configuration

Once the configuration completes, you can check your configuration is working or not, by

  • Send a test mail to the email id you configured.
  • Click on Test & Confirm Button.
Odoo CRM Email to Lead P 5

So, its Done !

If you click on FETCH NOW, button as shown below , the emails you received in mail which you added here will be added as the new leads in CRM.

Odoo development Services Lead

Now,  there is another important matter. Whenever you want to convert all your email messages as leads in CRM Odoo development Services, you need to click on FETCH NOW button, which is not a good practice.

If we can automate it that will be good. Means whenever a mail is received , it should automatically added as a new lead in CRM .

To make it ready, we have to Schedule the Action. How ?

Step  1.

After configuring the incoming mail server,  you need to go to

Settings -> Technical -> Automation -> Scheduled Actions

Odoo CRM Email to Lead P 7
Odoo development Services Lead P 8

From the list of scheduled actions, open Fetchmail Service

  1. Select the model Incoming  Mail Sever.
  2. Set the user as Administrator.
  3. If the action should be repeated on every minutes, change 5 as 1 minute
  4. It will not get missed if, you select Repeat Missed Check Box
Odoo development Services Lead

Cool ! Isn’t it ?

Now every emails which you received in your email ID, will converts as the leads in CRM Pipeline

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