Odoo 14 Purchase Module
25 Jan

Odoo 14 Purchase Module , thats what we are discussing now . We all know the purchase of the product is an important factor in all the business opportunity. Moreover here the Odoo simplifies at its best automated functionalities. We can control all the activities regarding purchase in a single click. Odoo 14 purchase module gives you a total outcome of incoming products to our warehouse and keeps them tracked from everywhere.We can ensure all the activities moreover keep track of all the events in the business opportunity.

Purchase module

In the purchase module, the first step is Requests for Quotation for the purchase. We can do describe as below.

  • Purchase >> Request for Quotation >> Create Quotation
Odoo 14 Purchase Image 1

In the second step I can create the quotation from the vendor where we can buy the product. I can add the different products from the vendor for the business opportunity in Odoo 14 | Purchase Module.

In this step I can add vendor and product details.

Odoo 14 Purchase Image 2

I can directly send the Email to the vendor by clicking send Email for confirmation and view the attachment mail.

Odoo 14 Purchase Image 3
Odoo Purchase Image 4

I can confirm the order of purchase order and status changes from Request for Quotation to Purchase order.

We can receive the products from above screen and validate our product whether I can get the full quantity or not.

Purchase module

Once validate I can create the backorder for the received product or I can confirm the received quantity of product and it will change the status to DONE.

Odoo 14 Purchase Image 6

I can send the payment to vendor from Register payment from the vendor bill.

Odoo 14 Purchase

I can send the payment to the vendor account as describes.

Odoo 14 Purchase Image

This is how a purchase order can be done from Request for quotation and makes the product to sell in the business. Hope all you understood from my simple demonstration via screenshots to capable to run the business better.

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