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25 Jan

Odoo Recruitment | Recruitment in Odoo

Odoo Recruitment’s HRMS is combine numerous HR functions, such as storing employee data, employee relations, payrolls and benefits, recruitment processes, benefits administration, and record keeping. It ensures everyday Human resources processes are manageable and easy to access. In Odoo, human resource module efficiently manages Employee details, Time and Attendance, Salary, Leaves (Time Off), Expenses, Recruitment and Employee evaluation.

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We can easily manage our hiring process and organise our vacancies job applications in odoo with the help recruitment module. By customizing your recruitment process we can create our own hiring strategies, and define stages and interviewers. Therefore, odoo hr management will definitely help you to handle the human resources department.
Set up your job board, promote your job listings and easily keep track of submitted applications. Follow every applicant and build a database of skills and profiles with indexed documents. No need to outsource your recruitment – handle everything internally in a simple and professional way. New email address is automatically assigned to every job offer in order to route applications directly to the right one. Whether applicants contact you by email or using an online form. Get all the data automatically index (resumes, cover letters, etc. ) and moreover answer in just a click. All applicants can be answer in just a click using templates or personalized emails.

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  • Create your job positions and publish them.
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  • Receive the first applications
Odoo Recruitment
  • Find the filled documents in the Documents app

Odoo HR management

Odoo HR management has the concept of build as me go. Moreover this gives you the maximum flexibility to manage our company. We can install use any module at any time based on your company needs.

Odoo is a fully integrated suite of business applications including Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Financial management, Human Resources, Point Of Sale, Purchasing, Events, Help Desk, eCommerce and moreā€¦  Odoo offers a choice of over a thousand modules. It has a unique modular approach. It will allow users to start one application and add another later as per the requirement.

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