11 Jan


Drop shipping is the process of delivering goods directly from vendors to customers. In Odoo, when a retailer sells a product by activating drop ship then the product is immediately transferred from seller to the customer.

The drop shipping process is shown in the figure below:

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping has some advantages like:

  • It’s easy to setup
  • Highly scalable

In this blog I will explain how to enable dropshipping in Odoo 15.For enabling dropshipping, go to purchase module then configuration > settings then under logistics we can find the option dropshipping. So enable that and save the settings.


So using this option you can request your vendors to deliver the products to your customer.

Next create a product which you want to dropship.so when we enable the option dropshipping in settings, we can find the option dropshipping under inventory in the product form .so just enable that.


Under the product form, under purchase tab make sure that vendor are added. And save the product.

Next go to sales module and when a customer makes an order for that product already we have enabled dropship under product form, so here we need to choose dropship as the route from the order line.


Then save and confirm the order then automatically a request for quotation is generated. Then click on purchase tab on the right corner. We can view the details here.


Next send the request for quotation to the vendor through the mail. Click on send by mail.


Also we can directly confirm the order.so by clicking on confirm order the order is confirmed.


When we confirm the order, a drop ship is created. We can see on the right corner.


Click on dropship. So we can see that product is received from vendor and is moved and delivered to the customer location.


Next validate the transfer by clicking on validate button.


Click on apply.


After that we can create bill by clicking on create bill button.


Then the bill is created and confirm it by clicking on confirm button.


After confirm, then click on register payment button.


And make the payment.


So if we have enabled dropshipping for a product, then whenever a sale order is confirmed the product will be send directly by the vendor. That is what happens in dropshipping.

And if we want to view the product moves, go to inventory module and select product move option.

Inventory > reporting > product moves


We can see that the product directly moved from vendor location to the customer location.

This is how dropshipping works in Odoo 15.

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