Education Management Solution

Education ERP is a fully web-based school management system with 50+ built-in modules that is intended to automate and improve your school’s daily operations. Odoo’s features are effective and efficient, enabling schools to decide more quickly and effectively. The application can be altered and tailored to better meet the specific requirements of your institution as an added service. For your educational institution, Odoo ERP offers a 360-degree panoptic solution. You can concentrate on what you do best, which is educate, because it handles all of your operations and workflows.

Admission Management

a platform that is easy to use for creating and sharing admission forms. Users are given design freedom, flexibility, and control.

Gamification & Reporting

Platform for reporting and gamification for teachers. Using gamification tactics, raise the students’ performance and skill levels in the classroom.

e - Learning

Flexible learning environment that enables academic staff and students to create challenging and interesting online courses.

Student Records

Collecting all student data is simple. The ability to gather and manage all student data in one location will be very beneficial.

Student Portal

Quick and simple access to class schedules, enrollment status, and course information is provided by the student portal.

Activity Dashboard

Provides real-time data on the organisations’ performance, attendees, and financial transactions.

Financial Management

Provide parents with various fee structures, customized reports and receipts in an easy-to-use format.

Online Fees Collection

Universities and colleges as well as other educational institutions collect a variety of fees online, including annual, test, and tuition fees.

Automated Reminders

Verify the fee report and email or SMS students or parents about any outstanding costs.

Why an ERP Education Management System ?

It is not easy to manage a school, college, university, or other educational institution, as the administration of the education system requires so many things, including the management of student information, admission, fees, transportation, dorms, libraries, and staff, among others. To manage all of these factors, educational institutions require a robust education management system. ERP software for education administration is always a smart option. It not only simplifies the administrative process but also saves time and money. Typically, schools and universities rely on human labor for the management of every component, and when paper work piles up, it becomes extremely challenging to handle. To reduce this complexity, an ERP system that can handle many activities simultaneously is implemented. An integrated ERP software system administers students, the library, assignments, the admissions procedure, fees, tests, results and reports, attendance, transports, the timetable, and other aspects.

Odoo Education Management System

Using the Odoo education management system, schools, colleges, and universities can manage all administrative tasks easily. The Odoo School management system has a superior user interface and features that effectively manage core functions. Importantly, the primary objective of Odoo EMS is to manage the administration of all educational institutions in a highly effective and potent manner, utilising its exceptionally advanced features and aspects. All attributes are accessible through a centralised and well-integrated system. In the first place, it centralises all student information. Additionally, the administration has unlimited access to this information. In other words, the administration can view a student’s history, attendance, subjects, leaves, reports, and fees from a single platform. In addition, an integrated library management system allows the librarian to keep track of each issued, purchased, and damaged book.

Moreover, a transparent platform allows for the management of faculty and other staff members. In addition, to make education qualitative rather than quantitative, you can now manage courses. In other words, you can now easily create, edit, and share course information with your students and faculty members to promote effective learning. This system’s attendance management module allows you to generate an attendance table. Now you can add details such as the class, division, and date column for which attendance management is required. In addition, you can include the names and other details of the faculty members who will be responsible for handling student attendance for the specific class or division.

[EMS Features]

Provide a Modern Learning Experience

Odoo admission1

Admission Management

Odoo The rising number of students applying for admission to academic institutions (schools, colleges, and universities) may put pressure on the administrative staff that manages the admission process manually. It becomes difficult to execute the procedure precisely and on time. Consequently, an Admission Management System is required. This system allows users to enrol students in a fully automated manner. It is an internet-based application that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, based on user permissions.

Odoo ERP Development

Course Management

Course management systems are becoming a crucial component of the educational process. They facilitate teaching and course administration by giving educators a framework and set of tools. These systems’ administrative features may include the capacity to keep track of student grades and class rosters. However, in terms of the educational components, it could consist of study materials, class activities, tests, and quizzes. The CMS tool also emphasizes all facets of instruction, learning, and student-teacher communication.

Odoo Library

Library Management:

Odoo Library Management System: The Odoo Library Management System gives you a system for keeping track of books, managing library members, and giving out and getting back books. A good computerised system for keeping track of books can help your library work better. Your efficiency and effectiveness will go up if you automate your day-to-day tasks. That’s why we’ve launched our module library management system, which gets rid of the manual process, makes it easier to give out books, and saves time and effort.

Odoo Document

Document Management

It’s hard to keep track of all the students’ information in the paper by hand. You can’t see all of the students’ information at once; to find one student’s information, you have to look through so many files. In this case, a strong system for managing education needs to be put in place. Odoo Document Management has a powerful system for managing student information that can easily take care of this problem. Here, you can see everything you need to know about a student in one place. You can also get to it from anywhere and at any time. In other words, it keeps track of all the students’ family information, birth certificates, school transfer certificates, exam results, hostel information, class division, and other documents. With Odoo Documents, scanned documents are easy to share, send, organize, and store.

Odoo Attendance

Attendance Management

The goal of educational institutions is to give their students’ knowledge, skills, and training. To make sure that students develop as a whole, it is important that they take part in academic and other activities at the institution. Since an institution’s reputation is always tied to how well its students do, it is important for institutions to keep track of how well their students do. Attendance is a difficult but necessary task that makes sure the institution runs smoothly. But the time and money wasted on collecting and keeping track of attendance could be used for other things. With the Attendance Management, tasks like taking attendance in class, keeping track of attendance by week, month, or semester, and keeping track of attendance by class and batch can be done automatically.

ERP Faculty

Faculty Management

The Faculty Management module was developed by Odoo Education Management in order to make things easier for faculty members, who are being asked to take on an increasing number of tasks on a daily basis. Taking into account their packed agenda, it is essential to make the most of their time in a manner that is both productive and economical. The teaching staff is the most valuable resource that an educational institution possesses. The institution’s currently employed faculty members can be profiled more effectively with the assistance of the faculty management module.

Odoo Hostel Management

Hostel Management

A lot of students who want to go to college go to places other than where they live and decide to stay there for the whole time they are in school. These days, colleges and universities also offer hostel services to make it easier for students to find a place to live. Our Hostel Management System (HMS) is a system that is easy to use to run the Hostel. This system can work with other parts of the institution, such as the process for managing student admissions. So, when students apply to school, they can choose whether they want to live in a dorm or not. Students can also choose to stay for a month, three months, or a whole year.

Odoo Fleet

Fleet Management

Fleet management is the process of running a business or organization’s fleet of commercial vehicles. A good fleet management system will help the business keep track of all the things that have to do with vehicles, like fixing and maintaining them and managing the people who drive and take care of them. There are different ways to handle a fleet. Here, some organizations or businesses might be making or selling things, and they might need a number of vehicles for different reasons. They might also have a separate department for managing their fleet.