Complete Hospital Management Solution

ERP for Health Management System

Healthcare organizations should give accurate and reliable information, so they can provide the best possible care and service for their patients at any required moment. There are hundreds of individual processes happening which all rely on accessing accurate data. However, the ever-growing amount and increasing complexity of data make it vital to invest in solutions that could store and manage each data efficiently.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software acts similarly as a human brain within your organization. It gives you the power and sources to manage, direct the different functions in a single line and structured, to keep your organization efficient by integrating information from other departments into a single database

ERP implementation in healthcare organizations modernizes your processes and operations, helps reduce costs, improve strategic and financial planning, and most importantly, enables you to provide better patient care.

Odoo Healthcare Management System

The Odoo Healthcare Management System is one of the smart, efficient and structured innovation from Odoo. It is a customized healthcare plug-in that is entirely designed to meet the complex functional and business needs of the hospital. Odoo healthcare management system could cater to all needs of a hospital right from keeping track of inpatients, outpatients, managing of doctor appointments, billings including all other aspects of hospital operation. In addition, it supports with tracking each and every medical activity that comprises of- registration, patient activity, staff management, scheduling, pharmacy management, laboratory & inventory management, billing/accounting, documentation, analysis and much more.

The centralized and integrated healthcare module allows you to work faster by enabling access to the patient records, thereby helping doctors to move in quickly in case of emergency situation. The automated systems also help the hospital/ clinic to be more productive at lower costs.

Modules & Features


  • Creating Appointments for the patients
  • Maintaining the status of the Appointments whether the appointment was done or not

Inpatient Registration

  • Creating records for Patients Admitted to the hospital
  • Adding details related to Therapeutic Diets Beliefs etc
  • Adding Medicines provided to the patient
  • Adding Nursing Plan and Discharge Plan

Intensive Care

  • Adding patient ICU information like Mechanical ventilation History, Admission Date etc.
  • Attending and Operating Doctor


Creating Patient Records with Patient details like Name, Address, Gender, Birthday etc. Adding other information like Diseases History, Patient PSC Total, Medication given so far, Appointment History of patients, Patient Diet and Exercise details, Patient addiction Details, Patient lab Tests, Patient Genetic Risks Details, Patient Gyneco details, Patient PAP Smear details, Patient Colposcopy Details, Patient Obstetrics Details, Patient Surgery details, Patient Socioeconomic Details etc.

Manage Medical Staff

Configure medical staff members such as doctors, therapists & nurses. Record important details regarding their availability, personal information, qualifications, consultancy charges.
Print Badge ID of medical staff

Medical Department Management

Configure medical departments such as
• General Medicine
• Oncology
• Dental
• Physiotherapy
• Gynecology
• Ophthalmology
• Surgery


Create Lab test Requests
Create Draft Lab test results in the lab test templates provided
Enter the Lab test results in the lab test templates.

Imaging Tests

Diagnose critical medical conditions with various imaging tests per-configured. Solution allows you to perform popular imaging tests such as X-ray, CT scan, MRI, PET Scan and so on. You can also configure your own tests.
Configure Imaging Tests types with their names, code & link it with respective department and mention charges. Perform imaging test and attach imaging test reports. Print report & raise invoice for the tests performed.


Creating Invoices for Lab test, Appointments, Prescriptions
Automatic Entries in the Balance sheet

Patient Portal

An online platform for patients to have complete access to their personal health information and medical records such as appointment details, test results, medical histories & treatments and so on anytime and anywhere with the use of an internet connection.

  • Grant Access for Patient Portal
  • Patients can access to Personal Health Information
  • Patients can create Appointment & Update Personal Details
  • Download Medical Certificates & view other important details

Why Choose Odoo ERP for Hospital Management

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