The milestone achievements are the ultimate key to the success of our business !

Historical milestones and a variety of achievements characterize our company’s journey :from a business management software company to the global player we are today. Throughout the years, we have launched many products, steady flow of innovations, and continuous expansions through organic growth and acquisitions. During this time , team members of Loyal Family have contributed to our success, which is marked by rewards from our clients and highest rankings. Our rapid growth and growing customer satisfaction ensure that we continue to provide the best services possible.
Since its inception in 2012 , Loyal IT Solutions Pvt Ltd has grown and evolved greatly, not only in size but also in terms of expertise and technology. In the course of our journey, we have worked on the latest and innovative techniques and methodologies to perform better. In our journey with Odoo, we have been recognized and ranked with high grades and each such recognition motivates us to perform better.
By applying quality methods in all our procedures and processes, we could make the results sufficiently high to satisfy our clients. Quality is our motto and Quality is our business.
We are really proud that we could achieve all these milestones by supporting small – medium – large enterprises for integrating their business with World’s best ERP, Odoo. Our team’s deep knowledge in industry specific Odoo features and their expertise , paved way to get these high ranks and achievements. It was Odoo’s highly professional implementation methodology which supports us to deliver the project on time, within the time frame of the clients.
It is the past we are honoring , it is the present we are proud of our highest rankings and celebrating with, and it is the future we are focusing with uncompromising service that our clients deserve for.