27 Mar

New Widget Options in Odoo 13

The New Odoo 13 was released on Oct 4,2019. Comparing with old versions, Odoo 13 has introduced with new faces and updated expressions.

As we know that Odoo has the capability to manage all your business activities in one platform. With the improved features of Odoo 13, it becomes more stronger and highly competitive one in ERP’s .

Odoo Widget 13 P1

Here I describes the newly introduced widget options in Odoo 13

Following are the main widget options introduced in the new release

  1. Calculator Widget
  2. Signature Widget
  3. Ribbon Widget

    Calculator Widget

The new price calculator widget works for order lines in the sale order, Purchase order and Invoices. This impressive feature of Odoo 13 helps to do the mathematical operations in invoice lines easily and quickly. Odoo Widget 13 P2 With the use of the feature can easily compute the figures in the same order lines without an additional help of calculator Odoo Widget 13 P3 Odoo Widget 13 P4

Signature Widget

This widget provides the facility for draw the sign. With the help of Odoo studio you can add the signatures. Such as on the request signed processes of delivery receipt ,SO, PO etc. It simplifies the process of signing. Odoo Widget 13 P5 Odoo Widget 13 P6

Ribbon widget

This feature of Ribbon widget option in Odoo 13 is used for knowing the status of an invoice which is paid also this option is available in products for knowing the product which is archived. Odoo Widget 13 P7 The above picture shows the GREEN Ribbon widget used in invoice for paid status.


The below showing is RED  Ribbon widget used in archive products

Odoo Widget 13 P8

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