05 Mar
In this article, I am going to discuss about how business risks can sort out in simple steps. The previous strategies to run the business are with manual works which can be carried out with each individual and gets interpreted together. For making to business to run with easiness, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) was introduced. A CRM system allows businesses to manage business relationships and the data and the information associated with them. odoo-crm-500x500             Here I am going to explain Odoo CRM which helps to run the business and sort’s outs and validate the data with full systematic manner. It will keep track of our activities and actions to make sure businesses flows. Here come the simple methods to get used with Odoo CRM Odoo CRM Opportunity Odoo CRM Dashboard
  • On the basics of Requirements and Data Information, we can see the probability of success for the business based on the stages. The different stages include NEW, QUOTATION, QUALIFIED, PROPOSITION and WON.
  • New stages define the beginning of the Business opportunity.
  • The Quotation stage describes the cost estimation required for the opportunity.
  • The next stage is qualified to start the project and Preposition stage defines the probability percentage and related status.
  • The final stage is the WON. It will show out the result of the project implementation.
In between the project implementation we can keep track of the different activities carried out with the project. In addition to that, A customer can set out his/her team members to carry out the different stages which includes the notes regarding business and scheduling the activities like Calls, Meeting, Follow-up, Demo etc. to the assigned team member with date. The team member can define the tags and priorities based on the business by which sort out the required date by filtering option in CRM. Odoo CRM SO

The cost estimation as I already explained in quotation stage is have sub components like sending quotation, taking the sales order after confirming the quotation and sending the invoice to implement the business project with part payments. A sample copy of quotation is figured out below

Odoo CRM Pipeline As a customer, you can list the required data by taking chart and bar graph implementation. The Odoo CRM gives out the careful strategic planning, clear performance measures and a coordinated program that change with the application of new technology. This ensures full modules regarding input data and expected outcomes of the business opportunity.

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