Why CRM ?

The relationships you develop with your customer base are the key to the success of your business. But like any relationship, the degree of success depends on how well you understand each other. Unlike personal relationships, company – customer relationships have other dimensions. For a customer, it is easy to know and understand any company. But for companies to understand the interests of their customers, their needs, and the availability of their needs in markets etc.. can be a difficult task.
Gathering basic information about customers is easy. However, it is essential to have an accurate mechanism to understand their individual needs, establish regular contact with them and to meet their needs.
Keeping records of customer preferences, transactions, concerns and solutions available at regular intervals will help both parties to progress in a mutually beneficial relationship. That is the goal of a good CRM.

The real customer centric CRM

Odoo CRM is the Customer Relationship Management Module on Odoo Platform.
Every lead in your business has its own significance. Your business may find a turning point from a single lead that will reach you. Running CRM allows you to see all the leads and business opportunities on a single screen, and manage them accurately and analyze their results as they move through each stage.
For sales people, an easy system is must to track their prospects which will help them to view all the information in one place. Their managers want visibility into each and every sales pipeline and they want to get complete idea about the actions taken by their team members.

Odoo helps both sales team members and managers by reducing their efforts, making them more comfortable, and giving them access to easily segmentable, well -visualized information

Modern Interface

Odoo CRM is designed so that the user can quickly comprehend and coordinate activities. Sales activities can be analyzed with beautiful Dashboard. It is easy to learn and easy to handle.

Get it Done !

In Odoo CRM, it is possible to schedule activities based on your sales scripts. Activities can be calls to the customers, meetings, mailing, and quotations etc. A Dashboard view will provide all the information you need, directly on each and every opportunities. From Lead to Sales, Odoo CRM will be with you to accomplish all the tasks in timely manner. You will not fail anymore means, you will surely won the opportunity

Real Time Analysis

CRM in Odoo helps you to know exactly how you perform compared to your monthly targets. Based on the analysis which you can easily perform on every weeks or on every months, you can organize your tasks with scheduled activities to ensure you will your targets

Odoo CRM will help to get a quick overview of what’s going on in your sales team. The activities or tasks which are assigned among your team, can be monitored by yourselves, from anywhere in the world. When a team member create a task for call or send a quote, it will be available in dashboard. If want to share any idea or files in real time, it will be much easier than before.

Forecasting of your sales performance based on your previous data has much importance in your business. Odoo CRM will help you to get accurate forecasts on your business so that you will be able to make better decisions based on actionable data. The smarter decisions will always bring your business to the next level!

Odoo CRM Features

Modern User Interface

Odoo CRM has an instinctive user interface designed for sales department and for the all the members of the sales team .  For monitoring and taking actions in timely manner, an attractive  Dashboard is there which will help for a better overview of the sales activities.

No more effort for Data Entry

You may receive your leads through your email. May be you may have a different source of leads and you will get all those leads through your registered email ID.  In Odoo CRM, it is possible to integrate your registered email ID so that all the email messages will be created in Odoo CRM as new leads.    To create a quote to your customers, you will be required to do just few clicks ! . In Odoo CRM, you can manage your pipeline by just drag & drop

Mobile Interface

Odoo CRM can be accessed using your mobile phones and will help you to sell your products or services from anywhere in the world.

Optimized View

It will be much convenient for you to get an optimized view for large screens, with the opportunity form on the left and a scrollable chatter on the right. While working with Odoo CRM, you will not be worrying about your time. Odoo already worried about it!

Lead Scoring

 It is much attraction in Odoo CRM that it will help to score your leads based on explicit and implicit criteria (on pages viewed, localisation, time)   Based on the lead score and sales team assignation rules, various actions can be set. Also it can be decided which total score deserves to be converted into an opportunity.

Importing Leads

 If you are getting leads as an Excel file, Odoo CRM has an easy method to import them, which will reduce your data entry time , effort and cost

Live Chat

 Live Chat is common in all the websites. But what if the chat with visitors converts to a lead  ? As the interactive CRM, Odoo ‘s Live Chat facility  on your website will help to talk to your visitors and convert them into genuine leads.

Activities and calls management

Odoo ‘s CRM app has beautiful and innovative features to organize all the sequence of activities which takes on every opportunities.  Every activities of the sales team members can be scheduled.  Predefined actions such as Call, Meeting, Email, etc… can be set as next activity on every opportunities. Also a explanation on every activities can be given.  Based on the actions take place on the opportunities, log can be defined.  It will be helpful to track and analyze the activities of your team. Also, for every team members, it will be much easy to schedule their own tasks so that follow up on all the opportunities will be done effectively

Pipeline management

Odoo CRM ‘s another attraction is  a clear overview of the opportunity pipeline.  Its drag & drop interface helps to work faster.  Specific stages can be defined and be set for each sales team.  Also, to organize the processes of the sales team to get maximum result, sub stages can be created.  It is much easy to find the current stage of each opportunity using Pipeline Dashboard.  By adding description on stages, pipeline can be customized by yourselves.

Assignation Rules

 Own rules can be designed to assign leads to the sales person or sales team. It can be based on quotas and segments.

Schedule Meetings

 Odoo CRM has an option to schedule meetings with the clients for each opportunity. It will be added calendar so that the sales team or sales person can easily plan accordingly

Plan Next Actions

Plan next actions and schedule your daily work based on most important opportunities and tasks.

Emails Templates

 In Odoo CRM, email templates can be set for most common communications with your clients and be used while sending emails. It will save much time and effort

Email Gateways

 Get all your email communications automatically attached to the right opportunity. Create new leads automatically based on incoming emails.

Custom Alerts

Notifications on relevant activities will be created and it can be against opportunities. With just a click, it can be viewed with more details and next activities can be done instantly


Odoo CRM has an attractive and easy predefined dash board. The reports you build using powerful and advanced reporting engine, can be added your own dashboard. Also the same can be shared with the team. Also using CRM Dashboard, you can visualize your sales team’s KPIs, at a glance


Create a dial queue on customers or opportunities, call from the browser automatically or manually. Log calls automatically, open the customer form, automate next actions, etc. Reschedule or send email for failed calls. An auto pop-up is generated for receiving calls. Integrated with Asterisk v13.2 VOIP server.

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