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Web Development

The most equipped website modules are available with Odoo to help you increase business productivity. You can make, customize, and design your website using the Odoo website administration module. In order to provide the most comprehensive and sophisticated solutions for website management, Odoo has two website management modules: Live chat and Odoo Website. Both modules have excellent integration for simple website management. The New Odoo Website module is also 35% faster than the earlier version.


Convert visitors into leads.

Engineered for SEO

We handle the magic for you!

Built-in Customer Portal

Connect with your customers.

Based on a modern stack

Python, PostgreSQL… and Open Source (LGPL).

Multi-language ready

Reach a larger audience.

Beautiful Themes

All themes are available in standard, out-of-the-box, for free. No need to buy external themes.

[No-code Technology]

No need to be a developer

The upcoming trends in software development include no-code and low-code. Citizens will construct more and more applications in the future using low- and no-code platforms, which will provide the necessary governance for development across business functions. A visual development interface is used by a no-code platform, a programming environment, to allow non-technical people to build apps by dragging and dropping software programmers to produce a whole app. Users can create applications with no-code without having any prior coding skills.

Craft like a pro designer with

The power of building blocks

Professional Themes

Odoo comes with beautiful native themes designed for each industry. You can also create your own custom theme or use one from our themes store.

Drag & Drop editor

Odoo comes with a great selection of building blocks. Drag and drop them to create stunning pages. Building a website has never been so easy.

Where innovation meets design

Get smart propositions of design and perfect color combinations with Odoo's Artificial Design Intelligence.
[Wonderful Themes]

Your brand, your Website

You can easily create, design, and manage a website using Odoo’s Website module. It’s incredibly simple to develop and design your website with ease thanks to the Website module’s sophisticated block structure. Website management in Odoo is supported by a few cutting-edge features and tools. Odoo is the greatest option for managing and building websites, from continual upgrading to the application of cutting-edge automated marketing systems and components. Self-customizable website designing option is available in Odoo to make this effortless. Odoo’s system for website design is distinctive. It is simple to construct the full website quickly using block-like structure design functionalities. Since Odoo comes with the majority of website design features already loaded, all you need to do is choose the block style you want for your website. You can create your website in accordance with the topic of your company and your items thanks to the module’s specific function and nature. You can select the ideal theme for your organization using Odoo. Nowadays, it is standard practice to have your website’s theme chosen in accordance with the type of product you are offering. The themes for Odoo are quite up to date and aesthetically beautiful, allowing them to blend in with the product well. In Odoo, Designing own website starts from choosing color Palette or Logo for your business website..

[No more painful integrations]

Enjoy fully integrated marketing solutions

From social media to push notifications and live chat, Odoo is fully packed with all you need to boost your online activity.

Plan, monitor, and analyze your social accounts in one place.
Send push notifications anywhere on the Web.
Chat with visitors and turn them into leads and customers.
Track links to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

[No more painful integrations]

Smart form builder integrated with all business apps

Optimize your conversion rates with tailor-made forms for any purpose.

After-sales issues
Job applications.
Satisfaction surveys.
Contact forms.

[No more painful integrations]

Powerful Backend

The most business oriented website builder

Connected to hundreds of business apps out-of-the-box.

  • Social Marketing
  • Recruitment
  • Events.
  • Sales
  • Accounting
  • Marketing Automation
  • Inventory