11 Jan


Quotations, sales orders and invoices are all part of our daily activities. Doing these by hand is annoying and time consuming. So, fix that we decided to use online quotations. Which will save us a lot of time. With Odoo we can create a quote, send it, and our customers will be able to sign and pay for it before getting their invoice in just seconds. There’s also a financial benefit since we can cross sell by suggesting optional products directly on the online quotations.

  • Here I am going on my database, so let’s go ahead to the sales applications.
online quotaion1
  • Then we are going to the configuration-->settings.
online quotation 2
  • From this setting page, here I’m going to activate online signature, online payment, quotation template and quotation builder.
online quotation 3
  • And the next step is to create a quotation template, configuration-->quotation templates.
online quotaion 4
  • We are going to create a new one clicking on the create button.
online quotaion 5
  • Now we are going to need is a quotation template. So I’m going to keep the name conference room and let me go ahead and add my product.
online quotaion 6


  • I can add multiple products here if I would like to, but in this case, I’m just going to have the one product. And I would also like to suggest that my customers purchase some additional items if they are purchasing. So to do that I simply have to jump on over to the next tab, optional products. And I’m going to add a couple of optional products as well.
online quotaion 7
  • So then we’re going to go over to the confirmation tab and we are going to be sure we have both online signature and online payment checked which will allow our customers to sign and pay online.
online quotaion 8.png
  • we have saved this then we’re going to go ahead and design the template.
online quotaion 9.png
  • So let’s click on the design template button and we’re going to be redirected to our website.
online quotation10
  • And then we can go ahead and quickly edit this page.
online quotation11
  • I’m going to click on the edit button and start adding some building blocks that we see on the right. So I’m going to simply drag and drop a cover.
online quotation12
  • I’m going to add a headline, your conference room. we’re going to change the size, and the colour as your wish.
online quotation13
  • we’re also going to change the background here to make it look even better.
online quotation14
  • So let’s save this design.
online quotation15


  • Going to go back to the sales application.
online quotation16
  • create a quotation.
online quotation17
  • First of all I want to choose my customer ABC, and I don’t have to add the products because all I have to do is select the template and the products that are added to that template will automatically be added to this quotations. So as you can see it’s a huge time saver.
online quotation18
  • Let’s go ahead and save this and then we’re going to send it by email to our customer ABC.
online quotation19
  • I’m going to click on send. So my customer is going to receive it in their inbox.
online quotation20
  • See the status change from quotation to quotation sent right here.
online quotation21
  • I have to do is click on customer preview.
online quotation22
  • When I click on this it will go to my website.
online quotation23
  • Then I can go ahead sign and pay.
online quotation24
  • So let’s go ahead and use auto-accept and sign, and we see that I’m accepting on the behalf of AC.
online quotation25

And once I’ve done I’ll able to pay. Pay and confirm. So right now I only have the wire transfer option and then I can pay and confirm online.That the quotation is waiting for a wire transfer payment. So the customer was able to do everything and we just simply have to wait. We send the quotation and we let the customer take care of everything else themselves.

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