Odoo Website

The most equipped website modules are available with Odoo to help you increase business productivity. You can make, customize, and design your website using the Odoo website administration module. In order to provide the most comprehensive and sophisticated solutions for website management, Odoo has two website management modules: Live chat and Odoo Website. Both modules have excellent integration for simple website management. The New Odoo Website module is also 35% faster than the earlier version.

Designing a Website

You can easily create, design, and manage a website using Odoo’s Website module. It’s incredibly simple to develop and design your website with ease thanks to the Website module’s sophisticated block structure.
Website management in Odoo is supported by a few cutting-edge features and tools. Odoo is the greatest option for managing and building websites, from continual upgrading to the application of cutting-edge automated marketing systems and components. Self-customizable website designing option is available in Odoo to make this effortless.
Odoo’s system for website design is distinctive. It is simple to construct the full website quickly using block-like structure design functionalities. Since Odoo comes with the majority of website design features already loaded, all you need to do is choose the block style you want for your website. You can create your website in accordance with the topic of your company and your items thanks to the module’s specific function and nature. You can select the ideal theme for your organization using Odoo. Nowadays, it is standard practice to have your website’s theme chosen in accordance with the type of product you are offering. The themes for Odoo are quite up to date and aesthetically beautiful, allowing them to blend in with the product well.
In Odoo,
Designing own website starts from choosing color Pallette or Logo for your business website.

Adding Pages and Features

About Us:Company information, Milestones and services that the company offers the customer.
Services: Page that will show the services that customer could avail.
Career: Employee requirement /Jobs
Store Locator: Your company’s many store locations could be highlighted on the page that contains information about it.
Events: Upcoming / Completed events can be published.
Shop: Online E-Commerce page could be handled with the website.
Appointments: Handling Online Appointments.

Choosing Theme for the Website

Create a website that captures everyone’s attention. The Odoo Website Theme Vibrant enables you to add attractive snippets to your website so that visitors will be drawn to it. The theme fulfils all of your needs, from its original design to its simple navigation for the greatest user experience. A website serves as the infrastructure of an offline store and gives customers their first impression of an online retailer. Making the first impression appealing to the customer is important for future partnerships.

Webpage Builder and Tools

BLOCKS : The most sophisticated and distinctive feature of Odoo is blocks. You may easily design your website with blocks. You may quickly customise and build the website you had in mind with the help of powerful customization options. In Odoo, a variety of block kinds are accessible.
Each block symbolises a different structure within the website and has its own unique functionality.
Four subsections make up the blocks section: Structure, Features, Dynamic Content, and Inner Content.

STRUCTURE :The essential information for website visitors is included in the structure options, such as Banner, Cover, Text-image, Image-text, Title, Text, Numbers, images, and columns. The few following is a list of the blocks and their purposes.

Banner : You can add a banner to your website using the banner block. A website’s banner is one type of advertisement. You can add more details about the featured content in this area.

Cover : You can insert eye-catching headers and subtitles that relate to the headline in the cover block. To get the attention of customers, use this block.

Text-Image and Image-Text : You can add an image and text to this block’s text-image and image-text fields. You can use this block to describe goods and services while also including an image that relates to the text.

Columns : You can add three features using the columns block. Three significant qualities can be added to your goods or services using these building pieces.

Pictures : You can add a picture to the picture block, along with subtitles and eye-catching headlines for the pictures.

Parallax : When a user scrolls down or up, you may utilise the parallax block to make the website’s content scroll at various rates.

FEATURES : The necessary features you can add to your website are contained in the feature section. To use the feature on the website, click on it and drag it to the page’s middle.

DYNAMIC CONTENT : Forms, Maps, Items, Blog Posts, and other elements are part of the dynamic content that clients may utilise to learn more about the most recent information about products and other specifics.

INNER CONTENT : Choose the inner content you wish to use. Separator alert ratings are included in the inner content blocks.


STYLES : Styles By clicking on the centre page, Odoo will open a configuration tab with sophisticated editing tools for you to alter or apply Styles to the constructed block. You can alter and configure the chosen block using the styling choices shown in the screenshot above. Everything from changing the backdrop to altering the text’s appearance was covered in the advanced styling options. Simply browse the options and pick the ones that work best for you. In a similar manner, you can edit any block you select from the blocks area.

THEMES : Choosing a theme for your website will assist you in creating or establishing a unique identity for your company. You may quickly set the theme for your website using the Odoo theme area. The Theme component of Odoo is displayed in the highlighted portion of the screenshot provided above. You have a variety of options for deciding the website’s color scheme and theme. All of the details of the blocks are editable and programmable. It is simple to select the ideal theme for your website because you can observe the changes in designs and themes in real time. Setting the theme in line with the aesthetic of your company might facilitate direct client interaction on your website.
Your original clients won’t feel alienated from your products or business because you can personalize the entire website to your style of business management and theme.
Your website is always available for editing and adding new features. You can carefully plan the layout of your website to provide your customers room to move around and shop. Odoo has the capacity to make your clients’ workspaces clutter-free. Due to the nature of the Odoo platform, clients may effortlessly check out after purchase.

Significant Advantages of Odoo Website Module

  • The user-friendly technology draws customers with ease.
  • Create and update your own website.
  • Reduces time spent on tasks
  • Integrated with other Odoo modules: Aspects like eCommerce, CRM, Sales, Recruitment Events, Blogs, Live Chat, E-learning, Newsletters, Inventory, and many more are integrated with other Odoo modules.
  • Simple to modify product pages.
  • SEO Optimization: The Odoo Website Builder comes equipped with a variety of SEO tools and strategies that can be used to create websites and web pages that are simple for clients to access. By focusing on a certain client or group of individuals who the website genuinely wants to reach, you can quickly change how the website operates using these techniques.
  • Support a range of shipping companies.
  • a capable HTML, CSS, and JS editor
  • Integrated with Google Analytics.
  • Support visitor tracking.
  • Live chat.
  • connect with a range of payment options.